About Us

Automated National Dispatch (AND) was developed by a taxi company with 40 years of dispatch experience in an effort to greatly reduce overhead costs, increase revenue, and manage a large and growing customer base. Below are actual results achieved by a large taxi fleet. Note that only 25% of orders are processed by a live operator, with the remaining 75% of orders being totally automated.

Representative List of Users

  • American Taxi, Mt Prospect, IL 850 cabs
  • Yellow Cab of Augusta, Augusta, GA
  • Happy Taxi, Corona, CA
  • App Cab WISCONSIN, Milwaukee, WI
  • BlueGrass Taxi, Lexington, KY
  • Happy Valley Ride, State College, PA
  • Taxi Taxi NY, Freeport, NY
  • Ace Cab, St. Charles, Missouri
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